Destroy the mice in the garden

Destroy the mice in the garden

Summer residents often ask how to get rid of mice in the house. In the autumn period, mammals are looking for a place for future wintering, penetrate into the cottages. Rodents pose a danger to human health, because they are carriers of infectious disease pathogens and destroy food stocks.

Reasons for the destruction of rodents

Many people try to destroy mice as quickly as possible, linking their appearance with popular beliefs. They believe that these animals are harbingers of misfortune.

Animals often appear in basements with broken windows, open ventilation holes.

Mammals are rapidly increasing their population. In the house, animals create nests, live in groups. The shelter gathers up to 10 individuals.

If there are a lot of voles, they develop new territory, gnaw holes in food bags, spoil things in a linen closet. Animals can hide in their pockets if they find food crumbs there.

Sometimes they bite household members, so there is a risk of infection with infectious diseases.

Mice leave tiny particles of skin and excrement that cause an allergic reaction in humans, salmonellosis, and leptospirosis. Inhaling dust containing microparticles of secretions, the host can get hemorrhagic fever.

Animals spread fleas and ticks.

It is necessary to start the fight against harmful voles at the first signs of their appearance.

Before starting work on the destruction of animals, the owner must establish:

  • moves by which they move in search of food supplies;
  • places of eating;
  • the number of animals.

This information will help you choose an effective way to get rid of mice, prepare the necessary amount of poisonous substance and determine the places in which you should put the bait.

Before starting work, children and pets must be taken out of the house.

How to catch rodents

For the destruction of animals there are effective devices and means:

  • homemade traps;
  • special adhesive composition;
  • medicinal herbs;
  • ash;
  • mousetrap with a turning bottom, dropping a rodent into the water;
  • chemical granules;
  • Vishnevsky ointment;
  • peppermint oil;
  • smoke sulfur bomb.

The trap of the mousetrap is triggered by the weight of the animal, then returns to its original position with a sinker. The bait remains intact.

A simple device consists of the following parts:

  • plywood boxes;
  • turning bottom;
  • bait;
  • cargo;
  • emphasis restricting the rotation of the bottom;
  • buckets of water.

Some homeowners use poison to kill mammals.

Effective drugs are the following:

  • Bros;
  • Ratobor;
  • Clean house;
  • Storm.

They include chemicals that destroy protein structures that affect blood coagulation. After eating poison, a vole develops an asthma attack, then a lethal outcome occurs.

Ash negatively affects the skin of mammalian paws, leaves small wounds on it.

Animals do not tolerate some herbs, such as tansy. The plant has a camphor smell, which is unpleasant to rodents. The grass is collected, tied in bunches and laid out next to the products, in places of accumulation of mammals.

The animals leave the premises in which the black root lies. The poisonous plant has an unpleasant odor that repels mice.

Before you expand the branches, they are treated with boiling water. Summer residents prepare a decoction and spray the room.

An adhesive mass is used to destroy the mice, and the protective layer is removed before use. Using a brush, the summer resident distributes the composition on the surface of a sheet of plywood, cardboard or glass. In the middle of the trap, he places special poison for mice. The animal dies slowly, squeaks loudly. This method of fighting mammals is inhumane, but effective.

To destroy the mice take a three-liter jar, the inside is treated with oil. At the bottom put a piece of cheese. Set the trap at an angle of 30 °. The animal cannot leave its limits, since the surface is slippery. The jar must be closed with a lid so that the mouse does not run away.

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