Flea Bomb Pros And Cons

Flea Bomb Pros And Cons

Fleas are one problem that no householder likes to admit to having. However, it is an inevitable fact of life that, along with the most adored and well-cared for pets, there will, on occasion, be unwelcome guests. Conscientious pet owners will, of course, regularly treat their dogs or cats with flea tablets or spot-on treatments; however, it only takes one missed treatment, or for a neighbor’s pet to pay an unexpected visit, for the cycle of flea infestation to start. This is why, in addition to the prophylactic treatments, there will always be a need to bring out the cure, such as a flea bomb or a flea fogger.

However, it is best to consider some flea bomb pros and cons before you start fumigating you house. There is more than one way to sort this problem, so it is a good idea to know what is involved with using a flea bomb. These devices consist of a small container, which holds an insecticide, as well as methoprene, a growth suppressant to stop larval development. When you press the trigger, these compounds are released from the pressurized container in a fine aerosol, which should drift around your room, and evenly coat flea-infested surfaces.

The great thing about such flea foggers is ease of use. You can quickly set them up, and leave them to do their work, without spending huge amounts of time spraying around all of the individual parts of your rooms. However, that is also their biggest drawback, because you may then not to focus on likely areas of infestation. In addition, some of these could then be missed, hidden under sofas, chairs or other items of furniture.

Additionally, the insecticide is applied somewhat indiscriminately. It is likely to cover all sorts of surfaces you many not want it to, such as tabletops, kitchen work-surfaces, or fish tanks. In order to avoid such widespread contamination, you will need to cover then up and move some items out of the room entirely.

That means that the advantage of being ‘quick and easy’ is lost. It is also the case that you can’t concentrate the spray into those areas that may need it the most, such as pet bedding. It is applied pretty uniformly. So all things considered, you may want to supplement a general application from a flea bomb with specific treatments from hand-held sprays. The unfortunate fact is that, to be sure of getting absolutely rid of your infestation, there are no simple short cuts.

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