Flea Fogger Limitations With Home Use

Flea Fogger Limitations With Home Use

When a home is invaded with fleas from pets, owners will want to get rid of these pests as soon as possible. Walking into the pet store will allow you to find many products that promise to get rid of these pests. Many are in the form of a flea bomb or flea fogger as they are also known. Owners need to know that there are flea fogger limitations that may prevent them from being as effective as the label may claim, however. There are also some dangers that should be considered.

The first possible limitation is that the pesticides in most foggers are ineffective in killing the particular insects that are being targeted. While they have been shown effective at killing many flying insects, when crawling bugs sense the chemicals, they merely hide deeply within the walls of the home until the fog leaves. This is true for nearly all crawling insects, including the hopping little pests.

A second limitation is found in the flammability of the spray. While the instructions warn occupants to leave the home after setting off the bombs, the gas that is emitted from the can is highly flammable. If pilot lights have not been extinguished from gas appliances or there is a spark, the result could be an explosion.

A final limitation is found in that the sprays leave a residue of poison on all the surfaces of the home. The residue may be spread on food preparation areas, floors and tables. In homes where there are crawling children, they can pick up enough of the residue to make them ill.

Pretty much all of these issues can be mitigated against, however, by careful cleaning after use as directed by the manufacturer, and buying a good quality flea specific insecticide.

But while there are some limits to these products, there are other choices for use in the home. A non-poisonous method is the use of a flea light. The insects are attracted to the light in a dark room and stick to flypaper like material under the light. Additional choices include use of powders or sprays that are directed to the areas where the fleas may be living.

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