How to use Flea Foggers

How to use Flea Foggers

Fleas and tick are small yet they create big troubles. Problems of flea infestation are becoming more and more common these days and that’s why you need an effective flea fogger treatment. However, when it comes to the best flea fogger treatment, you will face a lot of options. Flea and tick are highly troublesome to not only your pets but also to the family members. Thus, you should take adequate steps to curb this menace as early as possible.

Best Flea Fogger Treatment

Flea infestation spreads quickly, thus adequate flea control is necessary. Flea Foggers are being used widely these days for Flea control only because these are highly effective flea killer.

Flea fogger is highly potent; it unleashes a combination of various toxins in the surrounding that forbid fleas and their infestation. Flea foggers do not allow fleas to hatch or breed, ultimately leading to their decline. However, you should be well aware of the method of application of flea foggers; otherwise they might not work properly.

Flea Fogger Safety

Flea fogger is a great flea and tick control product, but no doubt toxic, thus you must use them with care and caution. It is very important to ensure that you don’t allow your family members or pet to go into the treated area till entire room is cleaning with toxins.

How to use a Flea Fogger?

In order to prepare flea fogger treatment you have to prepare the room accordingly. There are some kinds of furniture that are damaged by the use of flea foggers. Thus, make sure you protect them well so that they are not damaged. Also, avoiding exposing flea bombing to your food or silverware as the chemicals contained in this canisters may damage the silverware.

Once you have prepared the room, you can use flea foggers easily. Simply open the flea fogger and spray it in room. After that, close the room for 2-3 hours. The Flea fogger is a very potent and effective flea killer that will cut the flea life cycle immediately.

You should ensure that no electrical appliances or lights, fans etc. are on. The fumes that emit from foggers are toxic but also they catch fire easily. Thus, make sure you practice the precautions well so that your flea control campaign is effective as well as safe.

Once the flea foggers are done with their work, you need to then clear the air out of your room. Open the doors and windows and allow fresh air to enter.

Flea fogger is composed of toxic chemical that are specifically made for killing fleas and other insects. These if taken even in minor quantities by humans, can prove very fatal.

There are many brands of flea foggers available online for effective flea and tick control. However, you should buy flea bomb foggers from genuine and reputed manufacturers only. Since this product is toxic, it might lead to severe consequences if it’s not handled well.

Different Types and Flea Fogger Options

Another advantage of buying flea fogger for flea control online stores is that you will be able to access plenty of information about the product.

Flea Fogger Preparation

Flea foggers are also known as “flea bombs”. Most flea foggers contain pyrethrin or pyrethroid, or both as active ingredients.

Pyrethroids are synthetic insecticides that have chemical similarity to the natural pyrethrins and have slightly low potential for systemic toxicity in mammals.

Whereas, Pyrethrins are insecticides derived from chrysanthemum flowers. N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide and Piperonyl butoxide are sometimes added to pyrethrin products to inhibit microsomal enzymes of flea and tick insects that detoxify pyrethrins. Foggers also contain aerosol propellants. All thes ingedrients are highly effective in flea and tick exterminator.

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