Raid Flea Bomb

Raid Flea Bomb

Raid Flea Bomb is a product that is ideal for treating houses antagonized by severe flea infestations. It contains appropriate doses of vlGRen IGR which is pretty lethal to the flea breeding cycle. This site displays all different types and utilities of raid flea bombs foggers in order to help you to cut in one shut flea infestation problems.

Raid Flea Bomb

Fleas are parasitical insects of the biological order Siphonaptera practicing hematophagy. Since blood is rich in dissolved proteins like glucose, amino acids, fatty acids and also serum proteins like albumins, immunoglobulin, fibrinogens it is the food of choice for hematophagic insects.

Due to their parasitic nature fleas often attack humans. Their bites can have a wide range of effects from mild discomfort to full fledged anemia.

They also are vectors of some very vicious viruses which can result in dangerous diseases like stomach flu, murine typhus, bubonic plague etc.Thats why you need to treat you home with an effective raid flea bomb.

What is in Raid Flea Bomb

A Raid Flea Bomb is basically a can of Insect Growth Regulators. IGR that is meant to inhibit or interrupt the life cycle of fleas contains Nylar, Precor and Methoprene. Nylar is photo-stable and hence can be used outdoors or indoors.

Flea Bombs or Flea Foggers are available in liquid or aerosol concentrations. Methoprene is the most common ingredient in Precor and it destructs the fleas even before its larvae and egg stages. It has a 3 to 6 months residual effect. Some IGTs also contain nerve poisons like propoxur, diazinon and carbaryl.

Raid Flea Bombs Nylar

Unlike popular belief Raid Flea Bombs do indeed work and often provide surprisingly effective results. It not only kills the existing fleas but also releases Nylar which inhibits the growth cycle of fleas for the next 200 days.

But let me give you a word of caution. Read the instructions properly before using Raid Flea Bomb as it can have quite dramatic consequences if misused.

How to use Raid Flea Bombs?

  1. Vacuum your room and remove all bedding, utensils, fish-tanks, litter boxes etc. Upturn all low-hanging furniture. Chances are that the vapor fog might not reach under the tables, divans and couches and many fleas might remain unscathed.
  2. Use masking tape to properly seal off all cabinets that contain food items.
  3. Use newspapers to cover up the floor succinctly and deliberately to avoid damage to it.
  4. Place the raid flea fogger or flea bomb in the center of the room. Turn it on and leave.
  5. Make sure you do not enter the room or your house for several hours. Strictly follow the time specified in the instruction sheets and add a few more hours to it to be on the safer side.
  6. Once you have returned, no do not rest. Make sure to open your windows and switch on the fans. Leave the house for another hour or so.
  7. When you return back again, it is time to diligently clean and wash off beddings and utensils and all counter tops and surfaces.

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