Where To Buy Flea Bombs That Work

Where To Buy Flea Bombs That Work

The use of flea bombs sounds quite dramatic but fleas are a virulent pest. The flea is a parasite, living off mammals, and that includes humans, and also birds. It is well suited to penetrate the skin of the host and then gains nutrients by feeding on the blood.

Now that any possible sympathy for these creatures has been dispelled, there are a few options available to deal with them. We will talk here about dog and cat fleas, which can cause a huge amount of distress to the animals but also to the owners. Indeed, some animals and people are allergic to flea saliva, so they will react adversely when bitten. Commonly nasty swelling and itchiness will result.

To check if your pet has fleas, use a fine tooth comb and comb across the skin. Good areas to check in include behind the ears and along the back and tail. If you see small black particles, leave them on a wet tissue and if they go a red/brown colour, they indicate fleas. The particles are actually the droppings from the fleas.

You will want to consider whether to buy flea bombs, otherwise know as flea foggers, as one option in tackling an infestation. It should be made absolutely clear here that the product is not for use on the animal but on the environment it lives in. It involves the release of an airborne pesticide powder into an enclosed space which should have the advantage of penetrating areas that a topical aerosol spray would not.

So, do flea bombs work? There are quite a lot of factors that might reduce the chances of success. If a large item of furniture remains in place, the carpet underneath may not receive a sufficient dose of the chemical. Be sure to read the full specification including information on the area that can be treated by a single flea bomb and buy enough to ensure full coverage.

Where to buy flea bombs? A large range of online stores will have availability, and your local pet store will stock a variety of products. It is important when purchasing that you check that the product prevents fleas from reaching a reproductive age. One very popular brand is the Bob Martin Flea Bomb. Selected products supplied by this company have a very quick turnaround time. Some Bob Martin Flea Bombs require you to exit the room for only two hours after setting the bomb off, then ventilating for a further half hour.

Be sure to fully read the user’s manual that comes with the product. Very specific details on flea fogger usage must be followed, including cleaning the area after treatment. The pesticides used can be very harmful to animals and humans so following recommended precautions before, during and after treatment is essential. Some are designed for use with certain animals and may cause harm to others.

There is a vast range of alternative treatments, some of which can be used to complement the use of flea bombs. In fact, it isn’t really a question of finding flea bombs that work best, as most popular brands have little between them. It is more a question of following the guidance given to the letter, and combining the treatment with something that will kill the fleas on your pet.

Removing as many fleas as possible from your pet in conjunction with the use of a bomb is vital in fact. This is performed by thoroughly combing your pet and placing any dropping, fleas and loose hair in a bucket of water, to be subsequently flushed down the toilet. This should then be followed up with one or more of several preventative measures and remedies including flea collars, pills and injections for your pet, and the use of powders and shampoos.

The range of top quality flea bombs for homes includes the Bob Martin brand as discussed above, but also Zodiac, Knockout and Vet-Kem.

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