Where To Buy Frontline Plus

Where To Buy Frontline Plus

As responsible pet owners know, when it comes to flea infestations, a dose of prevention is worth a ton of cure. Therefore, when you notice that first flea on the coat of you dog or cat, speed is of the essence. That way you can avoid going down the costly route of de-infesting your home. One solution that works well, in this context, is the application of quick-acting flea treatment, such as Frontline Plus, directly to the coat of your pet.

By acting quickly, pet owners can avoid the fleas getting a foothold in their home but, in addition, if the treatment is long lasting, you can prevent further re-infections that may have been associated with that first flea that you have spotted. Frontline Plus Purple is applied to the coat of your dog, just between the shoulder blades. This is where the natural oil glands, associated with keeping your pet’s coat clean, is located. The active ingredient is absorbed through the skin into these glands; it is then naturally redistributed around the coat of your pet as they clean themselves.

The compound that kills the fleas, as well as disrupting the flea’s natural life cycle, is called fipronil. This is harmless to your pets, but acts quickly to neutralize the threat from fleas. It also has the advantage of persisting in those oil glands for a month or more and so provides continuous protection in case of re-infestation.

Where to buy Frontline Plus? Well, the usual channel is through your local vets, but you can also get cheap Frontline Plus by downloading a money-saving coupon online. If fleas are a recurrent problem, because of issues to do with where your pet has access to when out of doors, it is sensible to stock up on Frontline Plus. Then you can ensure you have some at hand at the first sign of a problem, and keep you pet, and your home, flea free.

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